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At No Problem Plumbing and Heating, our RI technicians know how the municipal utilities in the state lay pipe, making it easier to diagnose problems. When you call our company for help with leaking or broken pipes, you can be confident that we know what to do—we’ve almost certainly handled similar problems before.Contactus to schedule inspection

  • repair or replacement of damaged water or sewer lines.
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Causes of Broken Water and Sewer Lines

Age is asignificant cause of leaks and breaks in water and sewer lines. Old pipes are susceptible to corrosion, which weakens them and leads to breaks and leaks. Really old clay pipes can just crack for no obvious reason. Other causes of pipe problems include:

  • Settling of the ground on which the pipe rests, causing it to tilt the wrong way
  • Heavy equipment being used on top of pipes, putting extra strain on the pipe that can lead to breaks
  • Tree roots, which are strong enough to penetrate a pipe and cause a break or a blockage
  • Blockage in the pipes that builds up pressure
  • A sinking foundation that can hit pipes below and cause breaks and leaks

Our experienced Rhode Island pipe specialists can diagnose a problem and recommend the right solution that will keep your water and sewer lines operating smoothly for years. For diagnoses, we use video cameras inside the pipes and even look at your lawn—unusually lush green grassis a common sign of a sewer leak below. In addition to dealing with water and sewer lines, our plumbers handle other problems with water & gas pipes as well as all plumbing repairs.

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If your water line to the house is leaking or you suspect a break in a sewer line, you need help. Call No Problem Plumbing and Heating to either or replace water and sewer lines. Our Rhode Island heating and plumbing specialists have many years of experience dealing with problems like these. In addition, we have the heavy equipment needed to excavate damaged pipes before repairing or replacing them.

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