Conversion to Gas / Propane / Oil

Reasons to Change From Oil to Natural Gas

There are lots of reasons to change your heating fuel from oil to natural gas, including:

  • Less expensive: Depending on oil and gas prices, you may save 50 percent or more after converting to gas
  • Less maintenance: Natural gas burns cleaner than oil
  • Greater availability: You don’t have to schedule deliveries
  • Environmentally friendly: Burning natural gas resultsin less greenhouse gas pollution than burning oil
  • Better for the US economy: Using natural gas to heat reduces our reliance on foreign oil, as most natural gas burned today is produce in the United States
  • Better air quality inside the building: Oil burning furnaces & boilers can release smells & gasses that can interfere with breathing

Our experienced plumbers will work closely with you to determine the best approach to convert your boiler or furnace to natural gas. In addition to handling fuel conversions, our plumbers deal with all types of plumbing matters.

Want to Change to Natural Gas?

No Problem!

Oil prices fluctuate a lot, making it difficult to budget energy costs for a home or business. If you have an oil-burning boiler or furnace, consider converting to natural gas or propane and ditching the oil truck. Whether to change is a big decision, so it’s important to get all your questions answered first if you are thinking about switching.

Handling Other Types of Fuel Conversions

Although most conversions involve switching from oil to natural gas, our heating experts also handle conversions to propane (LNG) when there are no natural gas lines.

We can also convert from gas (either propane or natural gas) to oil when needed. Every building owner has different circumstances, and our Rhode Island heating experts have years of experience meeting customers’ needs by devising individual solutions.

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